April 23rd, 2011

This is your captain speaking

Good afternoon dear  passengers. This is your captain speaking. First I'd like to welcome everyone on Aviator.ru
We are currently cruising at an altitude of 33, 000 feet at an airspeed of 400 miles per hour. The time is 11:00 аm.

The weather looks good and with the tailwind on our side we are expecting to land in your destination approximately 15  minutes ahead of schedule. The weather in your destination is clear and sunny, may be  with a high of 10 degrees for this afternoon.

If the weather cooperates we should get a great view of the city as we descend. The cabin crew will be coming around in about twenty minutes time to offer you a light snack and beverage, and the inflight movie will begin shortly after that. I'll talk to you again before we reach our destination.

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Всех тех, кто по какой-то причине не смог слетать с нами на Ту-134 в Архангельск, мы приглашаем восстановить справедливость и все-таки сделать это. В двойном объеме! 01.08 летим опять! Причем туда – на «трамвае» RA-6726, обратно – на шикарном ВИПе, RA-65994. Как будет в…